Seamless Pop Show - Lee Hom Wang

[ 17-07-2002 ]
Below is a direct extract from The Star Press, focusing on Lee Hom Live in Malaysia

Seamless pop Show
The Star

Wednesday 17 July 2002

By Brian Cheing

The first thing that struck one at American Chinese pop star Wang Lee Hom's solo stadium concert at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, last weekend was the stage.

Oil drums and worn-out tyres were strewn in corners while aluminium roof boards lined the stage, giving it a distinctively Harlem street look. Wang was clearly drawing inspiration from his home state New York, the city that gave him the foundation in the first place to pursure his passion in music. It was, nevertheless, one of the more impressive set design for a concert by a Chinese pop artiste I've ever seen.

At the concert, Wang's fusion of Wenstern-influenced genres and Taiwan's syrupy pop made for a fineblend. With eight album after his belt, Wang claimed to have nearly a hundred songs tha he could sing.

Indeed, he rendered an assortment of songs from various album, even the lesser-known ones. Even then, his rabit fans, some coming from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, were enthusiastic, never once waning in their support of their idol.

And why shouldn't they? Wang gave a splendid show from start to finish.

He opened the show in typical
Hong Kong fashion, clad in a long white trench coat with a turtleneck, standing high on a platform in the centre of te stage.

The Leon Lain put-on was mercifully discarded a moment later when Wang slipped off the coat, revealing a black sleeveless tee with a smiley-face print.

Looking so much more at ease, Wang launched in to a couple of English numbers including a hit by his idol Michael Jackson, Smooth Criminal.


Of course, the full house was there to catch Wang singing his own hits. For one unfamiliar with Wangs's hits, I was impressed by the audience's response- they seemed to know every word to every song.

A few times during the concert, the audience needed little prompting to sing along with him. In one of the evening's most uplifting high-light, it was a two-way declaration of loving You Means Loving me (one of Wang's song) as he sang to his fans and his fans to him. Magnificent!

At different point as well, Wang showed off his versatility by playing the piano, violin, drums and electric guitar, all of which he pulled off with aplomb.

The best part was the one in which he played the drums on a hoisted stage that turned 360 degrees from north to south. Oh yes, Wang did not once lose his concerntration even while upside down!

Not quite known for dancing, Wang surprised his fans with some amazing footwork with his group of dancers. Although he was no Aaron Kwok, Wang executed the energetic choreography beautifully, to the delight of all present.

For a pop concert, Wang seemed to have fit all elements in seamlessly - great songs, great musicianship, great choreography, great set design. It was one show, brought here by Galaxy Productions, the fans will not forget in a long while.


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