Janice - Making waves

[ 02-07-2008 ]

Pop princess Janice Vidal made a pretty picture on stage, with strong vocals to boot.

Hong Kong pop princess Janice Vidal was overwhelmed by adoring fans when she staged her first concert in Malaysia at Stadium Merdeka last Thursday.

Overcoming her initial nerves, the Chinese-Korean-Filipino singer shone with strong vocals, especially on the Cantonese numbers, although that isn’t her first language.

Also known as Wei Lan among her Chinese fans, the singer’s repertoire was somewhat different from that of her debut concert at Hong Kong Coliseum and a second one at Canton a year ago.

Some of Janice’s outfits for the night were particularly zany and amusing, in keeping with her mischievous nature.

Appearing in a green dress similar to the one that adorns her wax figure in Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Janice had several costume changes, some which were done amid cheers, on stage, in front of the audience.

One fluffy black getup made the pretty lass look like an ostrich, as she bobbed around singing. A particularly heavy, jewel-encrusted crown donned by the pop princess threatened to slip off her head and left her so distracted that she could barely focus on her songs.

Her guest performers for the night were label-mate Charles Ying and guitarist Joey Tang of Hong Kong rock band Taichi. Together, they delivered close to 30 crowd-pleasing tunes in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Ying sang a duet with Janice on Tong Mong (Childhood Dream), which she originally sang with Taiwan-based Malaysian singer-songwriter Michael Wong, followed by solo renditions of Foong Sing Kei Sei (Every Thursday) and Mei Ji (Pinky).

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly her unplugged session with rock guitarist Tang. After accompanying Janice on Cantonese number Ha Yat King Ching (Summer Love) and her cover of Sandy Lam’s Mandarin hit Zhi Shao Hai You Ni (At Least I Still Have You), he launched into a scorching guitar solo.

Then, re-tuning his guitar, Tang proceeded to rock the stadium with Taichi hits Hung Sik Pao Che (Red Sports Car) and Mui Yat Gui Shuit Wa (Every Word).

Janice expressed gratitude to her mentors Mark Lui and Leon Lai. Lui produced all her albums to date, and Lai signed her up as an artiste under his record company Amusic.

As a tribute, she belted out several covers of Lai’s popular tunes such as Jing Ye Ni Hui Bu Hui Lai (Will You Come Tonight) and Ching Sum Suit Wa Mei Chang Gong (Unexplained Feelings).

Janice, who made her singing debut in 2005, swept all the new female singer awards by major Hong Kong radio stations that year. The following year, she started winning best female singer awards. The singer now has three albums to her name.

After staging her debut concert at Coliseum last year, she became the latest Hong Kong celebrity to be immortalised in wax at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.

Janice My First Concert in Malaysia 2008 was organised by Galaxy and presented by Celcom Channel Xpax.

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