Jacky concert

[ 11-09-2007 ]

Jacky Cheung fans can expect a spectacular world-class concert with breathtaking pyrotechnic displays, which include spinning fireworks and metre-high flames.  

Coupled with superb choreography and high-energy performances from his bevy of sizzling-hot dancers, this should be a Jacky Cheung concert to remember for all time. 

There will be one giant LED screen and four other screens set up around the stadium for fans to enjoy close-ups of their idol nifty footwork and dramatic sequences. 

Cheung will render a mix of his new hits and all-time favourites. The song list includes Ngoi Fo Fa (Sparks of Love), Tau Fat Lui Liu (Messed Up Hair), Ting Tian You Ming (Leave it Up to Fate), Yi Qian Ge Chang Xin De Li You (One Thousand Sad Reasons), Cheng Yi Sai (Love Is Gone), Ji Seong Yat Sang Gan Nei Jau (Only Want to Be with You Forever), Ngoh Long Chuin Shuit (Legend of the Hungry Wolf), Yiu Yiu (Lullaby) and Gong Nei Ji (Letting You Know). 

The later part of the show includes half-hour-long musical, which features Cheung works in his musical film Perhaps Love and his stage musical Snow Wolf Lake.  

The God of Songs will sing a medley of numbers, which include Shi Fou Zai Lian Ai (Are We in Love), Ai Shi Yong Hen (Love is Forever), Ni Shi Ai Wo De (You Do Love Me), Ming Yun Qu (Destiny Song) and Ru Guo Ai (Perhaps Love).  

The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07 will be staged at Bukit Jalil National Stadium (outdoor) this Friday at 8pm.  

Tickets are priced at RM88, RM138, RM198, RM268, RM318 and RM398. For more information or to book tickets, call the Galaxy Group hotline at 03-22822020, or visit www.galaxy.com.my.

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