Right on track

[ 04-08-2009 ]

Right on track
Music heavyweights Lo Ta-yu, Janathan Lee, Wakin Chau and A Yue wowed fans with their excellent music and showanship at their Super Band Live in Malaysia cocnert.

It was a concert like never before as Taiwan’s SuperBand rocked the house down with some 10,000 screaming fans at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium on Saturday night.
   Superb sound engineering and vivid stage lighting made a brilliant show. But what gave adoring fans a night to remember was the excellent music as well as the illustratious musicians who made it happen.
   In fact, the music was so captivating and the performers so compelling that there weren’t even any need for sexy dancers or multiple costume changes that pop concerts usually feature.
   Known in Mandarin as Zong Guan Xian(named after Western rail line in Taiwan), the much anticipated band comparises Taiwan’s music Lo Ta Yu, Jonathan Lee, Wakin Chau and A Yue.
   After playing in Taiwan, Honh Kong, Singapore, and several regions in China, their stop at “KL Station” was to be the year-old band’s last oversea stop before they finally return home to Taipei and disband.

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