Phunky town

[ 28-09-2009 ]

There was no need for the Black Eyed peas to wonder where the love was on Friday night, as their fans came out in droves to support the top-charting hip hop outfit.

The Black Eyed Peas line up might look like a United Colors of Benetton-esue advertisement for unity, but their music could not divide opinion more.
    For instance, they’ve had unprecedented success in the mainstream market as hip-hop crossover artistes, but most hip-hop purists would scoff at the idea that the Peas were hip-hop at all.
    And of course, there are those incredibly silly, yet ridiculously fun songs of theirs that divide the party-goers and music buffs. Boom Boom Pow dosen’t exactly have the greatest music cachet, yet people around the world haven’t been able to stop dancing to its infectious, futuristic vibe.
    There is one thing however, that few people can argue with when it comes to the Peas - their ability to get a party started.
    When,, Taboo and Fergie rolled into town last week for the Arthur’s day celebration in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, they provided evidence that with the Black Eyed peas, the energy truly never dies.
    By 9pm, the packed crowd near the front of the stage were already calling out for the Peas between performances by local acts Reshmonu and Joe Flizozow, and Taiwanese hip-hopper MC Hot Dog.
    When they finally took to the stage around 10pm, they did not dissapoint, going straight into a powerful perfomance. They rapped, danced and worked the crowd effortlessly during the nearly two-hour set. The crowd raised their hands, pumped their fists and sang along whenever they were told to - such was the infectious nature of Peas’s energy.

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