Charmaine Sheh: Hong Kong's boring

[ 11-07-2012 ]

Though many Hong Kong stars who have worked in China have complained about the grim filming schedules and conditions there, former TVB lead actress —and Miss Hong Kong 1997 second runner-up— Charmaine Sheh seems to have adapted pretty well to her new home.

"I love working in China. Hong Kong is so small. There aren't many attractions there. I think I've shot in almost all of them. It's a little boring. But in China, there are so many places I haven't been to, beautiful places. I really love it," she said, speaking to reporters last week at the launch of the new social networking site Mingbo in Shanghai.

(Mingbo is a Malaysian-owned portal that provides a platform for celebrities and prominent figures to reach out to their fans in the form of videos. They can shoot videos of themselves with their cell phones and upload the clips to the site to share with their followers.)

"The thing for me is, working in Hong Kong, I can always meet my colleagues and friends and I don't really treasure their friendship," Charmaine added. "But when I'm in China, whenever I run into actors from Hong Kong, it's like we haven't seen each other in forever and I'm always so happy."

One reason for her move up north to tap the Chinese market was the alleged jump in her paycheque, but it's talk that the 37-year-old neither confirms nor denies. It's been said she gets 150,000 yuan (RM75,000) per episode, making her the second highest paid Hong Kong actress in China after Ada Choi, who gets 200,000 yuan (RM100,000) an episode.

The star-studded launch ceremony of Mingbo was also graced by Peter Ho, Dicky Cheung, Justin Lo, Yummy Wang (who demonstrated the user-friendly app to guests), Andy Hui, and Kelly Chen from the Special Administrative Region.

Published: 10th July 2012

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