Someone marry Peter Ho before he's 40!

[ 11-07-2012 ]

Time is running out for singer and actor Peter Ho to find a good woman. His dream was to get married before he hit 40, but now he's turning 37 in two months and there's still no sign of her. Not that the LA-born Taiwanese is worried.

"No rush, I'm sure God arranges the best person for everyone," he told reporters at the launch of the new social networking site Mingbo in Shanghai last week. "If you simply marry someone because of age, you may let your true love pass you by."

(Mingbo is a Malaysian-owned portal that provides a platform for celebrities and prominent figures to reach out to their fans in the form of videos. They can shoot videos of themselves with their cell phones and upload the clips to the site to share with their followers.)

"I don't have a girlfriend now. I'm focusing on my career. I can't put too much time and effort into maintaining a relationship," Peter added. He also denied rumours of a woman named Peggy he's allegedly been dating for four years. "She's just a friend," he explained.

"Maybe I'll start a relationship later, but I'll keep it to myself," he said, promising not to reveal the private details to his fans, and inadvertently challenging the paparazzi to work harder to find any news about his personal life.

Asked if his mum and dad were nagging him to get a wife, Peter replied: "Oh, they've pushed me for 10 years. I think they're too lazy to talk about it now."

"I'm sticking to my plan and I'm hoping to get married by 40," he said. I don't want the age gap between my kids and me to be too big. If I have a son, I'll teach him basketball. If it's a girl and she gets bullied by boys, I can show her how to teach them a lesson."

As for the lucky lady to give him these kids, Peter says it's "not necessary (for her) to be pretty or sexy, as long as we can get along well and we're comfortable in each other's company."

Also at the event was Hong Kong actor and singer Dicky Cheung, 47, who expressed his desire to take a break from work to spend more time with family and friends.

"I've always thought about it but lately it's been getting stronger. My life now is just all about making movies and singing, but spending time with my wife, my mother, my family, my friends, that's important too."

Dicky had secretly married Chinese actress Zhang Qian for years before they had a wedding ceremony in Philippines in 2009. Before the wedding, Zhang Qian suffered a miscarriage and Dicky said it was the darkest period of their lives.

The star-studded launch ceremony of Mingbo was also graced by Charmaine Sheh, Justin Lo, Yummy Wang (who demonstrated the user-friendly app to guests), Andy Hui, and Kelly Chen from the Special Administrative Region.

Published: 10th July 2012

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