Exclusive: No 'Gangnam Style' dance for J.Lo here

[ 30-11-2012 ]


Actress, singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez promises Malaysians "high energy and hits" when she brings her world tour to the Stadium Merdeka stage, this Sunday (2nd December ).

Just don’t expect her to do a Gangnam Style dance at her show in KL. "I do enjoy the song very much but no I won't be doing that dance. I won’t do it at home, either," she says with a laugh.

"Everybody's going to be having a great time at the show," she says in a phone interview from Manila, one of the cities on her Dance Again World Tour circuit. The tour began in June in Panama, before proceeding to Latin America, Europe and now, Asia.

However, Jennifer stresses that she will take Malaysian values into consideration when she’s performing here. "I’m very respectful of people’s values wherever I go. I think people should know that," she says.

"The show’s going to have lots of choreography and six costume changes" says Jennifer, who's a professionally trained dancer who specialises in ballet, jazz and flamenco.

The Puerto Rican beauty is happy with the reaction to the Dance Again World Tour,which began in Panama, "People have enjoyed the show all over the world since it began. There’s a lot of good feelings around it," she enthused.

For most people, the age of 43 isn't actually an ideal age to do a first world tour but Lopez believes that this is actually the perfect time for it. Reports state that she has been trying to do it for the past 10 years but has been far too busy to do a full-on world tour.

The past 15 years have been a whirlpool of activity for Lopez. After her breakout role in the movie Selena, she’s done 30-odd films, nine albums, launched her own fragrances and got into other businesses. Let's not forget her stint with American Idol as a judge. 

"Doing a world tour is the one thing that I always get asked to do by my fans on Twitter and Facebook. It's one of the reasons I left American Idol as I had to concentrate on this. It was very hard to walk away from a show that I was such a big fan of. But I had to do it as I wanted to get back to acting and performing and doing this world tour," she says.

She holds the American Idol experience close to her heart. " I had a very good time and became very close with the whole American Idol family," she says.

Jennifer became emotionally involved and personally attached to the contestants and their spirit, and it was hard to send some home.

"As long as you're a human being with a heart, it touches you," she says.

Watch Jennifer break down here:

Jennifer's music career began back in 1999, when her acting career was in full swing with movies like Out Of Sight (with George Clooney) and Blood and Wine(with Jack Nicholson), but singing and performing was on her mind, long before then.

The mother of two who recalls, "I just wanted to be a singer, a dancer and an actress from the beginning. I just worked hard at doing that and things just happened naturally. It was my dream to be a performer," she says.

And she is looking forwarding to performing here for the first time.

"The show is going to have all my hits from over the years. I've had nine albums, so there's a lot of material to cover," says Jennifer. who has had hits like On The Floor and Let’s Get Loud.

And just what will she be doing after the tour concludes before Christmas? "Well, I'm already thinking of putting together a new album. I'm considering some producers but I can't reveal anything just yet," she says.

Will her ex-co-judge on American Idol , Steven Tyler, be singing on it?

"No, I don't think so, he's in the middle of his own tour (with Aerosmith)," she says with a laugh.

Lopez’s Dance Again World Tour will be held at Stadium Merdeka on Sunday 2nd December. For details, contact Galaxy Group at (03) 2282-2020 or visit galaxy.com.my. 

Tickets are priced at RM658, RM628, RM528, RM368, RM288, RM268 and RM168.

Published: 27th November 2012

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