Successful comeback

[ 25-07-2013 ]

Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. (pic) proved that they are still on top of their game when they packed Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium with some 11,000 fans last Saturday night.

Active since 2001, S.H.E. is often dubbed the super girl group in the Chinese music scene. (The group’s name is derived from the girls’ initials: Selina Jen, 31, Hebe Tien, 30, and Ella Chen, 32.)

S.H.E. 2gether 4ever World Tour Live In Malaysia 2013 was an especially meaningful show as it served as a comeback of sorts for the trio after Jen had to take a break to recover from the severe third-degree burns she suffered on 54% of her body as the result of a horrific accident on the set of television series I Have A Date With Spring in 2010.

S.H.E. belted out 38 songs during the three-hour show, with each member singing two solo tunes as well. While the trio still kept their girlie camaraderie, it was apparent that they had blossomed into lovely young women.

Ella was, of course, hands down, the most changed of the three girls. Marriage to her Malaysian beau Alvin Lai had completely transformed her image from boyish to bombshell. In the past, Ella would always be seen in pants, but now she has fully embraced her femininity and flaunts her hot bod in slinky outfits.

While Hebe and Ella danced the night away in towering heels, Selina still had to keep her badly injured legs covered in pressure garments, and wore clunky flats. Nevertheless, Selina remained bubbly and the footwear did not seem to hamper her performance during more upbeat numbers.

Occasionally, the camera would zoom in for a close-up on Selina, revealing the scars on both her arms, which she did not seem to be self-conscious about. In fact, she wore sleeveless and strapless outfits, like both her bandmates.

One of the highlights of the night was when S.H.E. belted out their pop-rock smash hit Super Star. The colours of the glowsticks held by fans changed colours in unison. Cool!

Signed to HIM International Music, S.H.E. has released 11 studio albums and more than two dozen other releases comprising live concert and digital albums, compilations, soundtracks, and collaborations with other artistes. 

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