Sammi Cheng wows at her concert in Malaysia

[ 28-04-2015 ]

The Hong Kong artiste makes a stop at Genting for her world tour.

HAPPILY married to Andy Hui, Sammi Cheng shared her joy with fans during the first of her two-day sell-out Touch Mi Sammi Cheng World Tour, Live In Malaysia 2015, at Genting’s Arena Of Stars last Friday.

Cheng joked that when she filmed the 2002 romantic comedy Marry A Rich Man (with Taiwanese hearththrob Richie Ren), she wanted to marry a rich man. Then she realised something: “Let me tell you, money is useless, true love is supreme.”

If you never knew Cheng was such a romantic, well, now you do. This was her first concert after becoming Mrs Hui, and the couple – who was said to have secretly married in 2013 after an epic 24-year marathon romance – has only recently admitted to being wed.

Opening her show in a shimmering mask and glittery cape, Cheng kicked off her colourful show with Bang Bang Bang.

Then she whipped off her coat to reveal a sequined black bodysuit as she shimmied to a succession of fast-paced numbers.

The effervescent singer-actress shared that the Malaysian leg of her show was her first overseas stop after she kicked of her Touch Mi World Tour with a dozen shows at the prestigious Hong Kong Coliseum from December last year, to January.

“It’s not the first time that Genting has been the first overseas stop for several of my world tours. I really enjoy playing here, to such an appreciative crowd.”

Flitting about on stage in a sweeping white gown and killer heels, Cheng sported a short crop crowned with a headdress that looked like a cross between a crested parrot and a Trojan helmet.

“It’s not easy walking on these eight-inch (20cm) high heels, but I’m only four feet tall (122cm) without them,” jested Cheng, 42, who actually stands at 168cm.

Cheng’s quirkiness is obvious through her seven-outfit changes as well as her choice of guest performers.

Bizarre headgear aside, her outfits ranged from a futuristic soldier’s armour to a sweeping bohemian look, all of which elicited roars of approval from the audience.

The Cantopop diva’s guest performers were Hong Kong hip-hop pioneer MC Yan (also chief lyricist of hugely popular Cantonese rap collective LMF), with whom she sangLove Is...; and one of Hong Kong a capella group C Allstar, with whom she sang Time Of Light.

One of the segments of her show revolved around performing her award-winning theme songs to popular movies she starred in like Do Re Mi (from the 2012 Romancing In Thin Air, with Louis Koo), Glass Slipper (2002’s Marry A Rich Man) and Forever Beautiful (2001’s Love On A Diet, with Andy Lau).

Dubbed as the Meg Ryan of Hong Kong cinema for her popular Cantonese rom-coms, Cheng has won multiple awards for her music. But she has not been as lucky in her movie career.

As one of Hong Kong’s leading ladies with the most best actress nominations (at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards), Cheng groused good-naturedly about her predicament and capped it by singing Shu Dak Piu Leung (Losing Gracefully).

Screaming fans refused to leave after the show ended, so Cheng reemerged for a final encore to sing Jung San Mei Lai (Forever Beautiful), giving it a beautiful ending to a beautiful show.

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