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叱咤香港乐坛的 Eason 陈奕迅将于 2014 年 3 月 1 日(星期六), 晚间 8 点假新加坡室内体育馆举行名为《EASON’S LIFE》的个人巡回演唱会!

2013年 7 月在香港红馆所举办的 12 场《EASON’S  LIFE 演唱会》由于门票于售票当日被抢 售一空而增加至 25 场。歌迷的反应热烈、场场的座无虚席,亦打破了 Eason 个人在红馆演唱会的记录!

陈奕迅也对演唱会的叫座程度表示惊讶,并把成功归功于各方所给予的巨大支持。他指出,现今社会发展迅速,大家只着眼于自已的工作及生活等大事,往往忽略将注意力投放于一件小事上, “其实不同年纪的人会有不同的经历,希望大家可以透过这个演唱会,用心感受及体会每件小事的意义及影响力的重要性,并投放多一些情怀发掘人生不同的意义。”

《EASON’S  LIFE 演唱会》的主题“Life”是 Eason 的构想,而演唱会曲目早在开唱前 3个月就已经敲定。要从 Eason  的 400  多首歌中挑选符合主题的歌曲并非容易,Eason 更为了表演设下“三不政策”:不请嘉、不多说话、不会有 encore!

Eason 自 1996 年出道以来获奖无数,更于 2009 年凭着专辑《不想放手》在《第 20 届台湾金曲奖》二度荣获“最佳国语专辑奖”,成为首位夺得两次此奖项的非台湾男歌手。他也被美国《时代杂志》形容为影响香港乐坛风格的人物,更是首位站上英国伦敦 O2 Arena 的华人歌手。

The Hong Kong megastar returns to Singapore for a brand new concert tour, following his “Duo World Tour” nearly three years ago. Eason Chan sets to ignite the Singapore Indoor Stadium with his concert tour “EASON’S LIFE”. This is a concert not to be missed!

“EASON’S LIFE” was first launched in Hong Kong where Eason performed a record-breaking 25 shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum from 6 July 2013. Beginning with only 12 shows to the final count of 25 shows, overwhelming demands for tickets prompted local promoters to answer fans’ calls for more shows.

Eason himself was surprised at the huge demand his concert garnered and attributes his success to the immense support given by everyone. “In today’s fast-paced society, everyone is so focused on their careers and the “big” things in life that they often neglect the many “small” things.  People of different age groups would have different life experiences. I hope that through the concert, everyone can realize the importance and value of the “small” things in life and invest more in finding out different meanings and significances in life,” he said.

Not only a powerful vocalist, Eason also plays musical instruments including piano, guitar and drums and frequently showcases his musical talent by incorporating instruments into his live performances. The star is hard at work with practices and concert preparations, with the hopes of delivering a fantastic show for audiences and sharing his depiction of LIFE through his music.

Known for his high-energy performance and unique style of singing, Eason is undoubtedly one of the most prominent male singers in Hong Kong’s music industry. He is highly praised by critics and fellow musicians as one of the top singers of his generation. In 2009, he became the first non-Taiwanese male artiste to win the ‘Best Album’ award twice at the 20th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan with his albumDon’t Want to Let Go. Eason also became the first Asian artiste to stand on the O2 Arena stage in London, England in 2012.

Brought to you by MediaCorp and Galaxy Group,《EASON’S LIFE in Singapore》is a concert not to be missed!

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