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杨千嬅《Let's Begin世界巡回演唱会2015 – 新加坡站》 [ 31-10-2015 ]

1031杨千嬅《Let's Begin世界巡回演唱会2015 – 新加坡站》

演唱会门票2015922 正式公开发售!

银河集团欢庆21周年,首度邀请香港乐坛天后级歌手杨千嬅来新加坡开唱! 20151031日,晚上8, 名胜世界剧场,新加坡圣淘沙名胜世界,《杨千嬅Let's Begin世界巡回演唱会2015 – 新加坡站》华丽登场!

杨千嬅终于来新加坡了!出道至今将近20年当过最佳女歌手和影后,而且还从当年青涩的少女变成了如今幸福的妈妈,可是杨千嬅仍惦念著新加坡的朋友們。杨千嬅趁着2015年之始,在红馆一连举办七场纪念入行20年的纪念演唱会《杨千嬅Let's Begin世界巡回演唱会2015》,为大家献唱了个人作品如「少女的祈祷」 、「小城大事」、「可惜我是水瓶座」。現在將要來到新加坡了,藉演唱一首又一首的经典金曲,向至爱的亲朋粉丝凭歌寄意来完成心愿。

首度在新加坡登台,杨千嬅势必为新加坡歌迷朋友们带来一场难忘的听觉享宴!乐迷们,准备好与杨千嬅来一次全场大合唱了吗?届时《杨千嬅Let's Begin世界巡回演唱会2015 – 新加坡站》,我们不见不散!


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《杨千嬅Let's Begin世界巡回演唱会新加坡站》演唱会:



地点: 名胜世界剧场,新加坡圣淘沙名胜世界

Ticket Price$238, $208, $178, $ 148, $118 (Excludes Booking Fee)

想网购的朋友们注意,您可浏览 或拨打 SISTIC购票热线+6563485555

Miriam Yeung “Let's Begin Concert 2015” LIVE in Singapore

31 October 2015 (Saturday) 8:00pm

Galaxy Group is staging Miriam’s first ever solo concert Miriam Yeung “Let’s Begin Concert 2015” LIVE in Singapore at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa on October 31, 2015.

Hong Kong popular Canto-pop diva Miriam Yeung has produced many hit albums in the past 20 years and also won “The Best Leading Actress” at 32nd Hong Kong Film Award. Though successful in her music career, the Hong Kong pop diva has yet to put up a solo concert in Singapore all these years and deeply missed her Singapore fans.

As part of the Miriam Yeung “Let’s Begin World Tour 2015”, Miriam performed seven consecutive shows in Hong Kong earlier this year, singing famous songs like ‘Too Bad I’m an Aquarius’, ‘Small City, Important Matter’ and ‘Maiden’s Prayer’.  The Cantopop Diva will present many classic hit songs to express her gratitude to local fans for their tremendous support. 

Miriam Yeung “Let’s Begin Concert 2015” LIVE in Singapore promises to be an unforgettable night. Fans can also look forward to Miriam’s performance of her classics coupled with choreography and set designs that are bound to wow the audiences.

Tickets are priced from $118 and will go on sale from 22th September, 9am via SISTIC.

For more information, please contact Galaxy Group at +60 3-2282 2020 or visit our website ( and follow our Facebook Page (Galaxy Group).


Date31 October 2015


Venue: Resort World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

Ticket Price$238, $208, $178, $ 148, $118 (Excludes Booking Fee)

Booking Website:

Booking Hotline: +65 6333 5000

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