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由銀河娛樂主辦﹐Tiger Beer榮譽呈獻的<Tiger Powerhitz張惠妹2003大馬演唱會>將于2003年11月29日﹐星期六晚上8時正在吉隆坡Stadium Merdeka 內熱力引爆.

演唱會主題 “阿妹”, 全球華人至LIVE至尊天后, 無疑地將把阿妹最超強的舞台魅力, 和最無與倫比的磁性嗓音, 一一地呈現在跨別了4載的大馬舞台上. 事實上, 阿妹就是唯一號召了逾3萬人次入場演唱會的女歌手. 那場1999年, 同樣在Stadium Merdeka舉辦的演唱會正好也是由銀河娛樂主辦的. 阿妹本人強調過她這次將唱出多首經典的舊歌, 好讓在場的觀眾們能和她一塊兒唱.

鑒于1999年那場演唱會的成功以及與銀河娛樂之間的默契, 阿妹再度對銀河娛樂委以重任. 當然, 有目共睹的, 銀河娛樂是大馬唯一成功創下主辦5萬人次演唱會(張學友2002音樂之旅演唱會)的主辦機構.

阿妹的歌手生涯是燦爛的. 她不但是盡有的幾位(還有王菲和濱崎步)登上時代雜誌封面的亞洲天后, 更是全球銷售過百萬的台灣天后. 而阿妹首首登上各大排行榜及卡拉OK點唱榜的勁歌金曲還不在話下.

演唱會門票分為RM50, RM100, RM150和RM200. 由10月1日起, 優先訂票將公開給演唱會的指定銀行—OCBC銀行. OCBC銀行的信用卡會員可享有門票票價的10%折扣並優先地預訂更好的演唱會席位.

由下星期開始, 演唱會的指定電台—MYFM將推出一系列前所未有的演唱會宣傳攻勢, 屆時將送出許多珍貴的獎品, 讓你更親近阿妹. 你更可能有機會在馬來西亞或外國與阿妹會面! 所以一定要鎖定MYFM!

為了配合阿妹的最新專輯<勇敢>,華納音樂將于10月上旬推出阿妹的最新卡拉OK VCD. 到時也會有專輯與演唱會的相輔宣傳促銷活動.


Organized by Galaxy Production, Tiger Beer presents Tiger PowerHitz A*mei 2003 Live in Malaysia will majestically kicks off on Saturday, 29 November 2003 at Stadium Merdeka at 8:00pm.

The concert theme: A*mei - the worldwide Chinese Supreme Live Diva will see A*mei deliver her powerful showmanship with unmatched vocals gymnastics after four years of absence in Malaysia’s centre-stage. In fact, A*mei is the only solo female concert that commanded more than 30,000 audience at the same venue, Stadium Merdeka and also organized by Galaxy Production back in 1999. A*mei has stressed that she will be performing lots of her old hit songs which the audience can sing together with her.

Due to the success of the 1999 concert and the fruitful relationship, A*mei once give her total trust to Galaxy Production. Not to mention that Galaxy Production is the only concert organiser that had put up the record-breaking 50,000 audience for Jacky Cheung 2002 Music Odyssey concert at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

A’mei’s credential as a singer is undeniable. Not only is she one of the very few Divas that have appeared in TIME Magazine along with Faye Wong and Ayumi, A*mei is also the top Diva from Taiwan that sold millions of albums worldwide. Not to mention her hit songs that continuously top music and karaoke charts over years.

Ticket prices are priced at RM50, RM100, RM150 and RM200 and will first be available for priority booking basis from 1st October onwards through OCBC Bank, the Official Bank of the Concert. Credit Card members of OCBC Bank will get to enjoy first priority to book the best seats and 10% discount, not available anywhere in the market.

From next week onwards, the official radio station, Myfm will conduct a series of never-seen-before concert promotions with very attractive prizes to be up-close and personal with A*mei. You might be a winner to meet A*mei herself in Malaysia or overseas!!! So tune in for more information.

In conjunction with A*mei latest album, Courage (Yung Gan), Warner Music will release A*mei’s latest karaoke VCD in early October. Hence there will be joint promotions between the album and the concert tickets.

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